I have a blog…oh right!

I would like to apologize to all of my loyal readers (Mom and…Bueller?…Bueller?…Anyone?) for being such a “slogger” (slacking blogger) these past few months. Between relearning five new versions of Facebook and tweeting my life away on other social networks, my phalanges have been too phatigued to bang out wonderfully witty wordpress wupdates(?).

And since we have now made cyber amends, I will do my best to compose a few brief catch up posts in the upcoming days.

Here’s November 2008 for you:

My roommate and I finally finished decorating the apartment. To celebrate, we threw a small, very successful housewarming shindig/soiree. Below are a few pictures from the first of many celebrations in 4W:

Though our anthropologie-esque apartment decor received the stamp of approval from our friends, even our elegant peacock curtains were upstaged by our “to die/ sell your firstborn child for cheesecake strawberries” and white sangria.


One response to “I have a blog…oh right!

  1. Can you post the recipe for cheesecake strawberries?!

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